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Aveesha Precession Engineering
India Private Limited, Company

"Innovative Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Future and
Empowering Industries with Cutting-Edge Engineering Expertise"

About The Company

M/s Aveesha Precession Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. Founded, owned, managed, controlled and directed by qualified and experienced Team. We are proud to welcome our customers with high quality installations and services which meet requirements and are fit for their purpose.

About Us

Aveesha Precession Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. Provides Consulting engineering, Programme management, Structural Engineering, Fabrication & Erection, Ducting, Rolling, Precession Machining in the build environment, Building, Property Developments, Mechanical Construction, Automobiles, Aviation, Civil Engineering industries, with a focus on Design, Contract Document Development, Drawings, Bidding, Construction Supervision, Monitoring, Quality , Automobile OEM and Quantity Surveying

The company is associated with highly qualified professionals with extensive experience, managerial capacity and reliability. The Production facility of our company spreads across 3,50,000 Square feet of boundary area with fully operational office, 500KVA power with 200KVA power backup facility including all modern manufacturing facility

Our Mission

To be honest in all our activities, dealings and to consciously introspect our work and action on day to day basis, Aveesha Precession Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. is a company that consciously like to channel its resources, energy and activities towards building a world that is free of low standards. We will question every action. Or ours of minute bases and see to it that we continuously take on bigger challenges and we must grow and progress on a daily basis in everything that we perform. We must progress as individuals as a company and as a truly meaningful organisation that is honest and fair in all its dealings.

Our Network & Collaboration

  • Our widely spread network links us with the valued clients & is one of the major sources that help us to cater the services to our client in the quickest possible time.
  • Our Collaboration for Wear and Impact plate manufacturing with M/s Teknoweld Alloys helps us deliver customised Wear plate solutions to Clients
  • Our collaboration and association with multi location Steel Building Fabrication and Technological steel fabrication shops helps us to serve clients in scale and size and time.